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Published Poetry

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

2023-2024 I'm currently taking a break from writing but remain actively engaged in submitting poems to literary magazines.

Here is the list of magazines where my work is included:

Eventually Anthology;

Ekpharastic Review;

Months to Years Magazine;

Monthly Writer's Meetup Alexandria Bookshop Newsletter;

The Jewish Literary Journal;

Amethyst Review;

The Amaranth Journal;

Guest poet at workshop: "Where Art Meets the Line" Poetry Society of Virginia;

Dashboard Horus Blog;

Medical Literary Messenger: Virginia Commonwealth University;

Al-Khemia Poetica Magazine;

The Poet Magazine (England);

Mindful Magazine;

Soul-Lit: a Journal of Spiritual Poetry;

Grey Thoughts Magazine;

Medicine and Meaning Magazine University of Arkansas Press;

Global Voices Group Newsletter;

The Jewish Writing Project;

ARC Magazine;

Verbal 2 Exhibit;

Agape Review;

Club Plum Literary Journal;

New Member Global Voices Writers Newsletter (Israel);

Adept Press/Small Brushes;

Baruch Literary Blog' Bethesda Poetry Writing Competition (award);

Blue Jew Yorker Magazine;

Blue Minaret Magazine;

Cyclamens and Swords Magazine (Israel);

Deronda Review (Israel);

Dream International Quarterly;

Edift Fiction Magazine;

Eve Anthology;

Ekphrastic Magazine;

GhentReader Journal;

Green River Writers Association (award);

Illanot Review (Israel);

Lady Jane Magazine;

Poetry Society of Virginia Annual Award;

Mediterranean Magazine;

Mim’aamakin Anthology;

New Vilna Review;

One Page Poems: Old Dominion University;

Pen Magazine;

Poetica Magazine;

Society of Pennsylvania;

Poetry Society of Virginia 80’s Anniversary Collection;

Poetry Super Highway Magazine;

Poets Domain Anthology;

Potpourri Magazine;

Sacred Journey Magazine;

Scribbler on the Roof Magazine;

Shofar Literary Review;

Skipping Stones Anthology;

So Long Anthology;

Something to Read;

Spirit First Anthology (award);

Texas Poetry Society (award);

Tiger Moth Review;

The Bulletin: B’nai Israel Congregation;

The Jewish Literary Magazine;

Transcendent Visions Magazine;

Voices Israel (Israel);

Whispering Tree Magazine;

Women in Judaism Journal;

Writers Alliance;

Writer’s Eye Magazine.



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