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Digital collage art

Updated: Mar 1

Michal Mitak has been deeply immersed in paper mixed-media collage art for over two decades, breathing new life into discarded materials. However, in early 2023, an unexpected twist occurred as sensitivities to dust and non-toxic fumes from various sources like carpets, wallpapers, textured papers, and industrial glues developed. Faced with a challenging decision from her doctor, Mitak had to bid farewell to these conventional materials. Nevertheless, this setback propelled her toward a novel avenue of artistic expression—the digital canvas. Now, she is delving into creating collage art in the digital realm, where creativity can flourish without compromising her health.

Art Education:

I enrolled in art classes at The College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University, where I delved into the intricacies of color theory and gained a solid foundation in the fundamentals of abstract art. Through active participation in art workshops, I continually nurture my passion for learning new techniques and exploring diverse mediums. Simultaneously, I engage in teaching art as a practice for personal growth.

The William and Mary University Art School;

The Old Dominion University Art School; Virginia Wesleyan Art School;

and many workshops, since 2000.

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