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"Oh Honey" Project
Through my collection of digital collage paintings, I aim to raise awareness about bees' crucial role in our ecosystem. The artworks serve as a visual testament to the importance of these pollinators and highlight the urgency of protecting their dwindling populations. There are various ways to contribute, from planting bee-friendly gardens with native plants to avoiding harmful pesticides. By fostering a deeper understanding of the significance of bees and providing tangible steps for action, my art seeks to inspire a collective commitment to preserving these vital contributors to our planet's biodiversity.
The floral digital collage series 
will be exhibited at CEO Art Gallery,
The Norfolk Academy annual show,
and The Van Landingham Gallery.

April 2024

Poetry and art inspired
by the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Excited to join a unique program inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, I'll be creating art and writing influenced by his dark and captivating visions. Poe's mastery of language, gothic imagery, and profound themes offer a compelling foundation for my creative exploration. I plan to focus on his symbolic use, rhythmic style, and themes like the mysterious allure and the exploration of the human soul. This program is a unique opportunity to blend Poe's influence with my voice in written and visual expressions. Here's to a rewarding creative journey!

A special page will be created soon.

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As an artist, each brushstroke narrates a story. My paintings transcend mere colors on canvas; they mirror my emotions, journeys, and perceptions. From the fiery passions portrayed in bold hues to the silent contemplation concealed in subtle shades, every piece unveils a chapter of my life. Delve into the depths of my creations, and you'll uncover the untold tales that breathe life into these designs.

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There is always hot chocolate in my studio, often flavored with hazelnut or vanilla cream. Creating one sip at a time.
Utility Boxes Project 2024
Both illustrations were selected
by the city of Norfolk, Virginia to cover
two utility boxes in a busy intersection. 
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