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"Hope for Peace"
Illustration Series



The "Hope for Peace" art series is a poignant exploration of the profound human yearning for divine intervention in the pursuit of peace, vividly portrayed through the symbolic imagery of the dove. Each painting serves as a visual hymn, capturing the essence of hope, compassion, and the universal desire for harmony. The fluttering wings of the dove become a metaphor for the collective longing for a transcendent force, inviting viewers to reflect on the possibility of divine intervention in the quest for global serenity. The series encapsulates a delicate balance between the ethereal and the earthly, prompting contemplation on the role of spirituality in fostering peace. Through the artist's skillful use of color, form, and symbolism, "Hope for Peace" stands as a testament to the enduring human spirit's resilience and optimism, urging us to envision a world where the wings of peace unfold gracefully over humanity.

Exhibition information TBA

Corporate Office Logo (50 x 50 in) (6).png
Utility Boxes Project 2024
Both illustrations were selected by the city of Norfolk, Virginia to cover two utility boxes in a busy intersection. 
The floral digital collage series 
will be exhibited at CEO Art Gallery,
The Norfolk Academy annual show,
and The Van Landingham Gallery.

April 2024

Poetry and art inspired
by the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe

Excited to join a unique program inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, I'll be creating art and writing influenced by his dark and captivating visions. Poe's mastery of language, gothic imagery, and profound themes offer a compelling foundation for my creative exploration. I plan to focus on his symbolic use, rhythmic style, and themes like the mysterious allure and the exploration of the human soul. This program is a unique opportunity to blend Poe's influence with my voice in written and visual expressions. Here's to a rewarding creative journey!

A special page will be created soon.

Read the stories

As an artist, each brushstroke narrates a story. My paintings transcend mere colors on canvas; they mirror my emotions, journeys, and perceptions. From the fiery passions portrayed in bold hues to the silent contemplation concealed in subtle shades, every piece unveils a chapter of my life. Delve into the depths of my creations, and you'll uncover the untold tales that breathe life into these designs.

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There is always hot chocolate in my studio, often flavored with hazelnut or vanilla cream. Creating one sip at a time.

I'm currently building my Etsy shop.  
You are invited to visit the progress.

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