Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

The Light that Waits


sing to me


     as I lie under eastern skies

wonder about unspoken truths

     the fossils of life

how they erupt in a blaze of verses

    releasing raw memories


sing to me


as I peer into the Eye of Infinity

     no ending days of ticking clocks

emptiness in the comfort that I seek

     my attention perceives only

wordless wealth of images


sing to me


as my russet eyes behold   the Spine 

     of Books sprung from clusters 

of fig and apple   tenets of faith burst 

     colors of royalty   a gift from 

the magical vineyard ripples every step


sing to me


as the hymns of the Three Fallen Voices

     nestle within my mortal ear

the yolk-root deepens into midori green

     till the ten attributes of Sephirot

are completely understood



Published by The New Vilna Magazine
(April 2011)