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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Promotion holds significant importance for any creative individual, and a valuable avenue for free exposure involves submitting work to literary magazines and book publishers. I'm pleased to share a list of places where my art has been published:

Essential Anthology (print);

Poetica Magazine (print);

Mud Season Review (print);

Ripples Antholog (print);

Mizmor Anthology (print);

The William and Mary Review (print);

Skipping Stones Anthology (print);

ken*Again Literary Magazine (on-line);

Being Jewish Magazine (print);

GhentReader Magazine (on-line);

Golda Magazine (on-line);

Gravel Magazine (print);

Cactus Heart Magazine (on-line);

Tiferet Magazine (on-line);

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal (online)

Western New Mexico University (on-line);

Petrichor Review (print);

Artist Portfolio Magazine (on-line);

and Fiction Fix Magazine (on-line).

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