Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

Mystical Journey: The Otiot

my yearnings shrouded

in a mist of antiquity  cloaked

within the physical form  began

a long eclipse into the infinite

womb of fertility  attentively


focusing on the chant Heenayni!

as it draws me into the core of 

thyself to reacquaint with Otiot;

a celestial pattern of energy that

vividly declares: “awaken the heart


to thoughts of godly and prophetic

images” and remember that in the

realm of matter “no one may impinge

on another’s particular mission in life”

just as two letters of the Hebrew

  Aleph Beth may not overlap




Heenayni—Here I Am! (Hebrew)

Otiot—Letters (Hebrew)

Published in print by the Deronda Review.