Michal  (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

                                                                                                              Poetry and Art 

The Process of Mix-Media 
by Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

For the last twenty years, Michal has been creating paper collage art in various styles and techniques, participating in local and regional shows, publishing her art in print and on-line, and teaching classes to writers at The MUSE School of Writing, Norfolk.

Since late 2019, she has been experimenting with fabric, yarn, carpet, upholstery, and thread scraps. After collecting the reused materials from local and regional recycled centers, Michal carefully studies the nature of the broken, chipped, wrinkled, and torn material… and with a process that appears to be chance, she creates a soft and organic visual impact on the canvas.

Michal has collected and used in her new artwork: dry corn, crushed sea shells, loose dry tea, hot glue, various adhesives, broken glass, rice, beans, beads, feather, stencils, and any unwanted scraps of any kind that can be secured on card stock paper, canvas, canvas board, and advertisement postcards.