Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

Into the Desert

I led them

   words ordained with vigor

   into the dust-chocked desert

   to embody the unknown

I led them

   while days drip emptiness

   and night vomit bitterness

   and prayers wilt bone-dry lips

I led them

   behind belfry doors I heard them

   and in the turbulence of incense

   I felt them filtering through

I let them

   not a crust is wasted as my

   name is carried on a plaintive

   wind to the edge of revelation

No defeat! No Victory!

This poem received First Place from Deborah Madden memorial Award sponsored by Green River Writers, published by the Poetry Society of Pennsylvania 2009 Anthology, and is included in the "Field of Harps"poetry chapbook.