Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

August 15, 2018



Addressed to:

The Pearl of Wisdom


Special Delivery Instructions:

Leave on the Golden Spikes by the Gate



Dear P.W.;



While free-floating in the cosmic egg, I heard Your voice speaking in riddles to my subconscious: “Awake,” you said, “Prepare to become Form” - without blemishes, without scars, without negative karma, without any residue of sin from previous incarnations. ”Awake!” so I did and understood, You and I no longer bleed alike.


The fiery thread of life is now within me to spawn new energies that inhabit life, truth, and love, all by free choice and will... new memories to record in my Book of Life.


First breath my awareness grew to the present of ghosts... of doubt and fear lurking in the shadows of this mortal creation. My foot steps walk on deadly stubbornness that will stifle every intuition of the heart and the gentle prodding of my celestial soul... the one I left in Your care.


I did not want to come back to a world of cultural and religious expectations. The light of this world came down on me in strong currents spewing flames, in ever widening circles. You feed me compassion to those who fashioned my world; a crowd of empty faces that left me on the shelf to fade... not by will... and You say You love me?


I should not argue, so give me a happy dance if only for one season before it’s gone, let me marvel at a world lavish with Your ingredients... as long as the moon hangs pale over the waters. But I am an old tear, holding its injuries, going back in time to scar memories.




                         Heenayni, a ripple on a pond longing to reach the Shore,

                              there I will forgive you... because I love you!


Heenayni - Here I Am