Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

  Poetry and Fine Art 

The Enchanted Forest



she enters  enchanted
     with immense intention breathes 

         the quiet sliver of time

into the fevered drumbeat of life


nectar-bearing summer bloom

     amasses the outer skin of clattering 

         wings strengthens the natural 

endurance of immortality

voyaging miles and miles 

     on the crusty string of thoughts

          stretch palms upward   yearning 

for calmness and bounty of inner beauty

like ray-tickled petals rising 

      toward the nourishing sun

          and a half-awakened spine of thrusting vines

pulses the grand romance of midnight blue

she spirals onto rhythmic waves 

     of self mastery   so powerful 

           in gentlpurity   she kneels