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Oil - Pastel - Collage

"On the Third Day" Oil Pigments
"When He formed the dry-land He called it Earth;
When He formed body of waters He called it Seas."
--- after The Book of Genesis 

"And Then the Formation
of Earth and Sky Intensified
in Shape and Color" 

"And Then Earth and Land
Grew in Harmony"

"And Then the
First Storm Formed"

"And then the Day
Grew Onto Calmness"

"And Then Clouds Grew
Heavy with Rain"

"And then the
Mountains Formed"

"Calming Waters" Pastel Series
Inspired by many visits to the Red Pagoda Pond
and the pond at Norfolk Botanical Garden. 
9" x 12" on Artagain Paper

"Shallow Waters"

"Color of Dreams"

"Element of Sun-Set"

"Warmth of Day"

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